Magnobond 6398 A/B is a two-component epoxy adhesive chosen for its high-strength retention at elevated temperatures.

Magnolia Advanced Materials Inc. (Atlanta, Ga., U.S.) announced that it has earned another qualified material recognized for the Sikorsky specification SS8622. Magnobond 6398 A/B, identified as SS8622-013 on the Qualified Products List, has been added alongside Magnobond 6380 A/B (SS8622-007), Magnobond 6398-3 A/B (SS8622-009) and Magnobond 6168-1 A/B (SS8622-011). Designed for bonding metals and composite structures, the two-component epoxy adhesive has a long track record of superior performance across multiple specifications; Sikorsky has chosen this Magnolia aluminum-filled product for its high-strength retention at elevated temperatures.

“We are proud to have our products selected and qualified to Sikorsky’s specifications We look forward to continuing to support Sikorsky through innovative product development, excellent technical support and a commitment to customer satisfaction on every level,” states Magnolia President and CEO Wayne Tanner.

Based in Atlanta, Ga., Magnolia Advanced Materials Inc. was established in 1957 and has served the aerospace industry globally for more than 64 years providing high-performance epoxy systems that include aerospace adhesives, syntactics, liquid shims, conductive epoxies, sealants and joint fillers, RTM/VARTM resins, fire retardant resins, filament winding resins, potting and encapsulating epoxies, tooling and casting resins as well as coatings. Magnolia is AS 9100D certified and offers custom formulation and custom packaging options.