Magnolia Advanced Materials, Inc. announced that Lockheed Martin has added Magnolia 6389 A/B in 5-gallon bulk kits that are intended for meter mixing applications to its EMAP listing for specification LMA-MK003, Rev C, Form 1.

Magnolia 6389 A/B is a carbon fiber filled epoxy designed for use as a liquid shim gap filler in composite applications that require high temperature resistance and compressive strengths.

“With Magnolia 6389 A/B available in bulk kits for 5-gallon meter mixing,” said Technical Director Greg Bunn. “Our customers can produce parts more efficiently and maintain the exceptional quality they’ve come to trust from Magnolia.”

Founded in 1957, Magnolia Advanced Materials has developed more than 2,000 commercial products including epoxy-based adhesives, syntactics, electrical potting compounds, resin transfer molding/vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (RTM/VARTM) and laminating resins. Magnolia currently supplies more than 700 qualified products to reputable customers in diverse markets.