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Since 1957, Magnolia Advanced Materials has been an innovator in the high-performance epoxy systems industry, leading the market with an unrivaled portfolio of adhesives, coatings, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives, encapsulating and potting compounds, syntactics, tooling resins, and general purpose epoxy resins and curing agents.

B-2 Stealth Bomber


Magnolia Advanced Materials is your trusted partner for custom solutions across a diverse set of industrial and consumer end markets.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we craft advanced epoxy systems to meet the unique needs of our clients, spanning industries as varied as aerospace, automotive, electronics, maritime, construction, and sports & recreation.


We apply our material and scientific know-how in bonding, sealing and coating to formulate multi-purpose, reliable products that are engineered for durability, strength and performance under extreme conditions.

Our specialty epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer resin systems and adhesive products replace traditional materials in aircraft, automobiles and electrical power transmission—and in construction materials, circuit boards, sports equipment and more.

Shaping the Future

Our team members proudly serve customers in 33 countries. Every day, we leverage our expertise in complex chemistry, and deep market and application knowledge, to press forward in developing and adapting our technology and applications for new markets.

We’re your global partner, ready to work together with you to develop a high-performance solution that is smart and sustainable — for a better future.

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Magnolia Advanced Materials integrates sustainability and environmental consciousness into our business strategy and product development practices. Our goal is to deliver products and materials whose low environmental impact supports the goal of a net-zero future.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

  • Net carbon neutral energy use
  • Free level 2 EV charging for all employees
  • 100% vendor recycle program
  • No hazardous wastewater
  • No hazardous air emissions
  • Use of green chemicals
  • No hazardous conflict minerals 
  • Ethically sourced materials 
  • 100% energy reduction sensors at home office
  • Full paperless-digital retention program


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